It’s a #Onederful thing…..OneNote!!

Have you ever searched for a tool to organize, combine and pull everything into one area to manage, support and run specific items within your life? I have the solution for you….ONENOTE!!

I am one of those incredibly busy people….father of three (son that is 8, and twin daughters that are 6 years old), all playing multiple sports and various activities. My wife juggles two jobs all the while I myself volunteer at the local Fire Department, teaching and dabbling with Microsoft products, running a podcast as well. Busy….is an understatement!!

Low and behold a few years ago I dabbled within the Microsoft Educator Community (You can find my profile here) and came across a #Onederful Getting Started With OneNote PD in the PJ’s as I call the professional development online within the MEC.

I was instantly engaged, hooked and thought this, this is the tool for me! Suffice to say 3-4 years later it has become my means of managing all the aforementioned, running my grade 6 classroom, Podcast Planning OneNote Binder for ArchersTNTClassroom and note / library of links and resources I am slowly adding to archieved episodes, Fire Hall duties as Secretary of our Volunteer Association, Trip planning to Africa for Write to Give and so so much more!

Within this blog I have kicked in various links to share many of these OneNote Binders so you can see how powerful and incredible OneNote truly is!! Its a #Onederful tool for you as well throughout various areas of your life not just withing the classroom.

Stephen Eustace (An Irish High School Teacher) says that this is the go to tool for his students. Like Stephen, I myself run my paperless classroom through OneNote Classroom now where I can provide digital copies of textbooks, learning resources and everything I need within grade 6 to uncover curriculum in Ontario.

I, like Stephen, am unlike many other teachers. I don’t like the dictatorship ‘here is the material; listen obtain information and learn it’. I think my four years in kindergarten (aka the ‘Land of Boogers and Tears’) totally change my teaching pedagogy in so many forms, shapes and fashions! I provide provacations, prompts and whatnot through marketing techniques within ads, videos to spark student driven inquiry. Within the section tabs I provide resources / links / videos and websites to explore….students also share thier discoveries within the ‘Libraries’ for future learning the following year (empowering them to be co-contributers within the vast assortment of resources we are gathering together to dive into).

OneNote has allowed me to become one with ALL the students! A partner alongside each individual or small groups learning. I can immerse myself within the content students are gathering within their section. Then I can provide real time feedback through digital inking, videos, stickers and even more prompts, links and whatnot if needed too, all the while moving flunently throughout the classroom. Its such a fantastic tool to manage a large group, yet stay involved within everything at once in the palm of your hand on computers or through the app on my cell phone. Snapping student work samples, conversations in voice note, videos and performance demonstrations come with ease as I document student learning in real time. Parents access their child(ren)s section within the OneNote Classroom Notebook to see what is happening all the time, provide feedback, thoughts and also learn alongside the students…I often hear from parents that they are glad to see a quick tutorial for math (since its been a while since they have worked on some of the learning and the videos are perfect reviews for them).

Last year I created two amazing OneNote Digital Breakout Rooms on Flight and Space (hit those links to see each binder to use within your classrooms). You can also see each within my Twitter Feed at @ArcherJoe too. Within each binder I have added links, videos and a vast assortment of learning / review that covers Grade 6 Science Curriculum Standards in Ontario for each topic.

I also created a #Onederful Skype Demonstration Classroom OneNote Binder as a face to face one day learning oppertunity for teachers to learn jointly alongside others, with lots of takeaways and resources to explore after the workshop as well.

I love to work and learn on a regular bases, infact I consider myself a ‘Life Long Learner’. I like diving and venturing into unknown waters. Recently considering launching a Membership Site I took part in The One Funnel Away Challenge, hosted by the man, the legend himself; Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels). During this challenge Russel provided us with 30 days full of documents, worksheets, planning templates to create an incredible marketing sales funnel. My first thought… got it,… a OneNote Binder to host / store / compile all the material so I can constantly go back review and use everything forever! Thats right you heard it…..not only can OneNote be used within a teaching role, but also a learning role as well!! Incredible eh (Yes….yes I am Canadian)……infact I would say OneNote is beyond incredible, its #Onederful!!

The last item I want to share is my new big project!

I have partaking within Amy McLearn’s incredible Write to Give program for many years now! Infact I went to Kenya, Africa with Amy and her team this past summer (please see the aforementioned Write to Give Trip above for details). Last year I created a OneNote Binder to manage my team as a Write to Give Book Ambassador; this is the Write to Give OneNote. The work we as a team of five classroom did in order to create a Scholastic Published Book (Thats right you heard it….an actual hardcopy profession book with student authors even) was incredible! We brainstormed, provided feedback across all five classrooms within this binder and skype as well. It was fantastic!! Check it out; “The Adventures of Mr. Waddles”, buy the book and give to a friend even!!

Now for some bad news unfortunaltey. Write to Give rebranded this summer as Village Impact (A fantastic name for this incredible program). The team decided that it would be difficult to manage this program and was going to close Write to Give down within classroom after 7 years of amazing work by student authors! Just check out this incredible list of avalible books online; here2019 Write to Give OneNote Loving this program and travelling with Amy and Carey this summer made me realize I needed to do something……so I asked to oversee things this year, which they agreed to ensure one book was published to continue the program! Yahoo…..check out our (You are ALL in for a treat… can watch live as we are working within it NOW….we are one week into the five week program).

Ready for the fantasic news now?!? Amy and Carey have agreed to let me take this incredible program over. So, next year in February / March of 2020 we are going to GO BIG OR GO HOME and make a HUGE SPLASH!! Using Microsoft Teams / OneNote / Skype and Flipgrid we are going to launch a 7 Continent Write to Give Global Project. Thats right you heard it HUGE….so interested?? Intregued?!? You should be!! MIEExperts from around the globe and classroom teachers will attempt a large scale fundraiser to help build schools in rural Kenya, Africa for International Displaced Children. For every book that is published and purchase by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and whomever would like one the money raised will go directly to Villiage Impact who will ensure it helps fund the creation of many more schools, like the ones I visited this summer!

Want to get on the list to join this project?? Jump into this Microsoft Form; right HERE!

So, summing things up… need to dive into OneNote learning IF you have not already! You can manage any business, anything within this magicial digital binder! You ALL can also sign up within the Microsoft Educator Community with an email to create an account! Everyone….yes that means you! Take a few OneNote Courses sitting in your PJ’s at home…..on your own time!! Just do it!

Thanks for listening to my ramble….OneNote rocks!!


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