Exploring Classroom Expectations while using WipeBook Chart Paper

Hey all, welcome to the new 2019 – 2020 school year!

As always we started this week exploring what we ALL need within Our classroom in order to be successful. But this year I was able to drastically alter the mood during the learning curve and discussion using some awesome WipeBoard products.

A couple weeks prior to school I entered a draw at https://twitter.com/Wipebook

I was estactic to find out a week later that I won a WipeBook Flipchart. (If you want to see all the incredible products and options they have please visit; https://www.wipebook.ca/

Back to the classroom. When students entered the room after a recess break I had a Flipchart page on each group (6 groups with 4-6 students in each) along with whiteboard markers for each student. The task; simple….what do you require Our Classroom to be like in order to suceed this year?!?

The conversation changed time and time again within each group very fluently. Fluently because students worked together trouble shooting 5 ONLY things that we would target to create a Classroom Expectation Chart. I factored in 20-25 minutes….which turned out to almost become two full periods of amazing conversation and learning about each other. The WipeBoard Flip Charts allowed students to add / erase and tweak others ideas to incorporate their thoughts within thier friends as well. Two comments became one, three comments merged as one and so on and so on!

Students used fingers, kleenix and shirt sleeves to erase, tweak and alter rough ideas into some awesome final products. WipeBook Flip Charts allowed me a fluent ability to take a rather mundane and simple task into deep rooted seeds of what success means to each individual then tease out ‘Circumstances and Ideal Learning Environments’ required in order for each to achieve their goals for the year of growing as individuals, helping each other when able and having a blast while collaborating at the same time!

We completed ONE Classroom Expectation Flip Chart from the 6 group’s ideas and conversations. The best piece in my opinion was this; one individual asked IF we could change these ‘Expectations’ throughout the year (I said of coarse we can and will), she had mentioned that WipeBook Flip Charts allow that to happen with ease as they were able to adapt, change, support and tweak a rough idea into awesome outcomes within groups so as a large group we can make things even better at any giving time. YES!! WipeBook Flip Chart allows OUR Classroom Expectations to be a ‘Working Document’ throughout the school year….it allows ease of access, quick changes and rich, deep discussions. Another student mentioned that we could do this in Math, Social Studies and so much more….even writing Code in Scratch or with our Micro:bit Programming.

Collaboration, Teamwork, Mutual Respect and a sense of family slowly emerged from the simple 20-25 minute task I had originally set out for us…..I cannot even think how it would have been so simple and easily adapted if done on the ‘Old School’ Paper Flip Charts.

Some groups thoughts became Grafitti Art too! Lots and lots of incredible options to explore with WipeBook Flip Charts! YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT!

Follow them on twitter too! I cannot wait to start exploring using the document / cloud recorder app with students in the upcoming weeks!! Intregued?!!?…..you should be!

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