Teenage years are often summed up as the best years of your life. The times in which you spend with your friends laughing, going out and having fun and preparing for your future. But what about those who are too afraid to leave their bed in the fear of not being good enough? What about those who are too afraid of losing friends so they push theirs away? What about those who are too depressed to think about their future? Are these the best years of their life? Mental illness effects 1 in 5 Canadians in a year (which will cost the economy an estimated 50 Billion dollars). 70% of them will admit to their mental illness being a result of earlier childhood symptoms. In Canada only 1 in 5 youth who need mental health services receives them, that’s only 20%. Death by suicide accounts for 24% of Canadians 15-24 years old. Canada’s youth suicide rate is the third highest in the industrialized world. These are the facts, so what can we do to decrease the amount of those suffering from mental illness? If you think you may be suffering from mental illness, or maybe someone you care for is showing symptoms you need to first, recognize that asking for help is okay. Their are many different options and people to talk to who want to help you. Asking for help is the first step in the road to recovery. Your courage will be celebrated and will be appreciated by your future self and those around you and who want to help you. Recognize that their are ways to recover, you can get through this, you are brave, sometimes the first step is to believe in yourself and depend on others. Because that is a perfectly perfect way of overcoming your fears. Who can you talk to? You can reach out to your family and friends, your doctor and community health clinics. You can call a help line, these are a few:     KidsHelpPhone 1-800-668-6868                                  WARMLINE 1-416-960-9276                                               MentalHealthHelpline 1-866-531-2600


Check online for your communities mental health programs. Theirs many ways to get the help you deserve. You can do this, you are strong. Let’s help each other overcome mental illness, and create safe places for those who suffer from it.


Fast Facts about Mental Illness




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