Everything is surrounded by music. When you are in the car, listening to the radio. When you are at the store, shopping around and there’s background music. When you are at home playing your favourite songs and dancing around. Music is in television shows & commercials. Youtube, movies, everywhere, music is there. Music has a huge impact on us all. Every culture has music, and instruments are some of the oldest man made inventions. Music has history and memories in all of us. From the Happy Birthday song to wedding bell and Christmas carols in december. Music is there for us when people aren’t, it sometimes speaks the words that we cannot speak ourselves. Some people even consider music to be a language. Music understands us. Music can calm us or energize us. Music is there when you need a happy song to jam to, or a lullaby to fall asleep to, or a break up song to cry to. Music can help those who suffer from anxiety and mental illness, who need something to pick them up or calm them down. Music helps us relax. Music helps us study, wether it’s for an upcoming exam or a work project, music can help us. As a whole, we can connect through music, and understand each other’s feelings through a song. Music can send us to the past, and help us re live who we were then when we used to listen to a certain song. Music can describe a generation. Music allows you to be creative, and make something that’s important and means something to you, or just something you can enjoy. Sharing music is sharing passion and emotion, it brings us closer. Through different music tastes you can understand a person more in depth, and really get to know them through music. Music can bring people together. Music is powerful. Music is creative. Why is music important to you?

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