One of the people I have had the pleasure to get to know through my work with provincial library subject associations is Melissa Jensen, from Simcoe County District School Board. I am fortunate to have her has a colleague, a friend and also my Vice President/President Elect of the Ontario School Library Association! Melissa has spent 15 years in as an elementary teacher-librarian and is currently the Lead Learner in Collaborative Inquiries with her school board. As just one of many great ideas she has shared, Melissa has inspired me to use this blog to keep track of the projects I undertake with other teachers.

The idea of a Collaboration Blog is COOL!  Thanks Melissa!

Follow Melissa on Twitter @mjtlbarrie for great PD and connections to Inquiry, STEAM, makerspaces, GAFE and assessment. She is awesome!

Also – she just hosted a webinar yesterday with another awesome T-L friend, Diana Maliszewski @MzMollyTL through OTF Connects – it should be archived soon.

Teacher-Librarianship: Together for Learning on the Job

This session brings together teacher-librarians to explore issues relevant to their practice. Questions that will be explored include: How do school library professionals transform their libraries into Library Learning Commons? What human and digital resources can we access critically to enhance our teaching practices and thereby help our students learn? When do teacher-librarians have the time to deeply examine and understand some of the most recent and relevant pedagogy around our profession (e.g. Together for Learning [2010] and Leading Learning [2014])? This OTF Connects session will provide the time, the topics, and the teacher-librarians  to help you find answers to these questions and more.

Audience: Teacher-Librarians, K-12

Resources: Coming soon!