Everyone is quick to say Victor is self-centred and blind to the consequences of his actions, which I do not deny is true, but I can`t help but wonder why. From early on in the book he seems to have his life handed to him on a silver platter, his parents show no lack of love nor care. However, I believe it first started when his parents adopted Elizabeth and referred to her as belonging to Victor. His interpretation of this gives him the mindset of superiority in which he can “own” another human being, and contributes to his thought of having the right to bestow life upon a being as a god would.

“She presented Elizabeth to me as her promised gift, I, with childish seriousness, interpreted her words literally and looked upon Elizabeth as mine-mine to protect, love, and cherish. All praises bestowed on her I received as made to a possession of my own.” (Shelley 34)

Victor craved knowledge, and had readily access to it. He was given chances many other children in that day did not have, he never had to worry about money or his safety. His parents provided him with everything, expecting nothing in return. They enrolled him in university, where he was able to further his studies and fulfill his thirst for knowledge. Because of this he never had to learn the true value of his possessions. Victor never had to care for himself or others, lacking a sense of responsibility overall. Like a spoiled child who’d never been told the word no. Whatever he wanted he could have; Elizabeth, money, books, knowledge. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions as he’s never faced any true consequences before. Rather than accepting what he’d created, he abandoned the creature without even thinking of what could go wrong. Victor, the man who left Justine to die for something that was entirely his fault. The man who would rather see others suffer than sacrifice his own reputation. I also feel as though because his parents never really taught him right from wrong, Victor thought the creature could figure things out for itself. It’s just another example of how he avoids responsibilities, and chooses to live his life as a carefree child-like being.

All in all, Victor is little more than a narcissistic scientist with access to a lot of power, though he has no knowledge of how to use it. Which kind of reminds me of situations in our modern day society. Take president Trump for example; access to military weapons and unlimited money and resources, yet he spends his time online tweeting moronic things, attacking innocent people, and tearing everything previous presidents have worked for apart. I’d consider us lucky that he’s too stupid to create human-like creatures with supernatural strength, and a growing desire for revenge.