Entwined: Lost in Translation

Sometimes we get lost in where we belong, but we have to remember that together we are connected. The lives of those around the world, though different, are all important and are all entwined with one another. These words allow us to communicate globally, these are words anyone can learn to understand simply because they don’t have one themselves.

You bolt awake in your bed, your alarm blaring beside you. You contemplate hitting snooze once more but you’ve already done that too many times. You rush to jump in the shower, knowing it will be ice cold after all your siblings have had theirs and once you finish, its only a matter of minutes before the bus arrives. You know you can’t miss it again today. After dressing, eating a hasty breakfast and brushing your teeth you reach over for your phone cord, knowing that your device will die during the day. When you grab a hold of the cable, all of the other cables move with it – they are all tangled together. You don’t have time to untangle them so you give a few yanks hoping that the cords will come loose but with not luck they are still tangled. I guess you will just have to go without it today.

Kabelsalat. Digital image. Pinterest. Pinterest, Web. 26 Mar. 2017.

This mess of cords is called a Kabelsalat, which is a German noun. It is a word to describe a mess of very tangled cables, literally a “cable salad.” (Sanders 2014)

Hopefully the chocolate would be enough to make up for his forgetful nature, thought the distraught husband. He had forgotten his anniversary again, further disappointing his wife, and he hoped that somehow he would be able to repair some of the pain he had caused. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he had forgotten but she knew he had memory loss from the accident, it wasn’t simply careless forgetting. Hopefully this chocolate could heal some hurt.

Drachenfutter. Digital image. Pinterest. Pinterest, Web. 28 Mar. 2017.

This type of gift is called Drachenfutter. It is a German noun literally meaning “dragon-fodder.” The gift a husband gives his wife when he’s trying to make up for bad behavior (Saunders 2014)

I can’t believe he broke up with me, you think to yourself while sitting in front of the television. Its been three days since your boyfriend broke up with you and its the fifth time you have watched The Fault in our Stars since. The table at the side of the couch has three empty chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cartons and crumbs are littered around the floor from the amount of Oreos recently eaten. The amount of grief shown throughout the last few days can be seen on your hips and the fact that you no longer fit in your size 6 pants but you don’t care; food is the only comfort you need.

Kummerspeck. Digital image. Pinteret. Pinterest, Web. 27 Mar. 2017.

This emotional overeating is called Kummerspeck. This is a German noun literally meaning “grief-bacon,” this word refers to the excess weight we can gain from emotional overeating (Saunders 2014).

These stressful words can effectively describe moments or issues in our lives that our vocabulary may not be big enough to describe. These words connect us through experiences that occur in our lives that we are now able to share with others through other languages.

Info from:
Sanders, Ella Frances. Lost in translation: an illustrated compendium of untranslatable words from around the world. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2014. Print.


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