A Love Story

When we think about love it can often be difficult to define it. What is it exactly? How do you know what you are feeling is true and authentic? A political comic and artist from New Zealand analyzes many different elements of love and what it really means.

Tony Morris – Twelve Days

Tony Morris – Twelve Days. Digital Image. The Wireless. Radio New Zealand. Web. 14 April 2017.


In this comic, Morris uses the well-known Christmas song, the Twelve Days of Christmas, as an analogy for a comfortable and healthy love story. While on a twelve day vacation, these two lovers express their love through simple things such as sharing tasks, playing games together and generally getting along. It also looks at the idea of selflessness and simple gifts such as driving home and allowing the other to sleep on the way home. It helps remind readers that love is seen through many different ways and even small things can be a great enough gift, even for twelve days.

Tony Morris – No “I” in Sex

Tony Morris – No “I” in Sex. Digital Image. The Wireless. Radio New Zealand. Web. 14 April, 2017.


In this comic, Morris highlights the continuous failures of the sex education system as it does not teach individuals to value their partners as they should. Instead of sex being an important part of intimacy and meant for the pleasure of all individuals, individuals can sometimes focus only on their own pleasure or see their companion as an object instead. As sexual relations are an important part of many individuals’ marriages or relationships it is important to teach adolescents that they should value their partners. If anything is taken from this comic is that intimacy is important but ultimately partners should be selfless and value the other in the relationship.

Tony Morris – That’s When I Knew

Tony Morris – That’s When I Knew. Digital Image. The Wireless. Radio New Zealand. Web. 14 April, 2017.


In this comic, Morris examines the moments when individuals first come to realize their love for others, specifically romantic love. He is intrigued by which moment is the moment an individual knows the person they are with is the one they truly love and which factors go into the decision or realization. He looks at the many ways he began realizing his love for his wife of two years and all the small things they did together and the steps they took in their relationship. In conclusion he explains that love usually not like the movies, there are not always definite moments that occur at the spur of the moment that make someone realize their love for another. Sometimes love is a process that is grown overtime and that needs to have work and repairs done to it in order to be infinitely strong, but ultimately, love is love no matter how or when you realize it’s presence.

Tony Morris – 10, 000 People I Love

Tony Morris – 10, 000 People I Love. Digital Image. The Wireless. Radio New Zealand. Web. 14 April, 2017.


This last comic about love analyzes a general love for the people around Morris. He explains how he has generally always loved people, their personalities and ambitions. The concepts that humans are always cruel, selfish and stupid do not stop him from extending his love to everyone, from friends to family to strangers. He discusses a genuine sense of love only a certain amount of people have and are capable of in their lifetime. He discusses a never-ending love story between people; the genuine concept that people may not always be the best but they are still worth loving.




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