Solitude: Lost in Translation

It’s okay to be alone sometimes, it can even be important. Do not forget how significant you are and how many people you influence. And when you think of such things, remember that even when you are alone, you are not forgotten. You start up the snowmobile outside knowing that this may be the last time you ever ride it. The drive to the base of the mountain will be long, dangerious and tedious, definitely not good for a rapidly beating heart. The anxiety of your upcoming adventure is extreme but still does not overpower your desire to finally achieve your goals. You are finally doing it – climbing Mount Everest.

Resfeber, Digital Image. Saunder’s Family Library. WordPress. Web. 10 May, 2017.

Resfeber – a Swedish noun meaning the restless beat of a traveler’s heart before the journey begins, a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

After sitting alone at your old, wicker desk for a long while you finally begin to notice the caffeine high begin to wear off. You know that you cannot afford to fall asleep before finishing your assignment and there is no one here to keep you awake so, hesitantly, you pour yourself another cup of coffee. Even though you know coffee is not the greatest for you, you also know that this is no time to crash. It’s time for a threefill.

Tretar, Digital Image. Pinterest. Pinterest. Web. 10 May, 2017.

Tretar – a Swedish noun meaning a third cup of coffee, a second refill – a threefill.

Imagine spending an excruciatingly lonely day alone at your job as an interior decorator. After working from home for three months you begin to feel anxious about the solitary quality of your job. So, you have decided to finally meet up with the friend you intentionally have been ignoring because of her self-confidence. During brunch you realize that maybe you do not have anything to be self-conscious about. Maybe her life is not all put together, maybe she is lonely just like you.

Fika, Digital Image. Pinterest. Pinterest. Web. 10 May, 2017.

Fika – a Swedish noun representing  the gathering of individuals to talk and take a break from everyday routines, usually drinking coffee and eating pastries – either at a café or at home – often for hours on end.

The day has been long, so you decide to take a walk along the river by your house. The current is slow and the moon is bright, glistening off the water. The reflection in the water reminds you of a journey you are meant to take, and that the road or path to walk along can be both difficult and beautiful. After staring at the water for a while, the quiet and solitary nature of the world around you seems to finally be at peace and the answer is clear. Just follow the beauty in your life and do not be scared of weaknesses.

Mangata, Digital Image. Pinterest. Pinterest. Web. 10 May, 2017.

Mangata – a Swedish noun meaning the reflection of the moon in the water.

No matter how alone you may think you are, there is always at least one person there.

Info From:

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