Street Life

As a fairly wealthy, Caucasian woman, living in Canada, I have never been in a situation where I have had no where to go. For these individuals however, ones who have had to live with serious misfortunes for an extended period of time, are affected by the housing crisis. These individuals hope to share their stories in order to diminish the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the lives of individuals living on the streets.

Tony Morris and Johnathan Foster – Streeties #1: From Prison to Pavement

Tony Morris – Streeties #1: From prison to the pavement. Digital Image. The Wireless. Radio New Zealand. Web. 1 June, 2017.

In the first of the Streeties series, the lives of individuals previously incarcerated are analyzed. This article discusses the hostility shown to convicts even for non-violent crimes and their inability to receive jobs after being imprisoned. This article also discusses many injustices and stereotypes surrounding individuals who live without homes and the integrity of people living in the streets. In hopes to alleviate the prejudice and misconceptions of homeless individuals, the tale of a man named Dave is told. It explains how difficult it was for him to escape from the crime ridden life he grew up in and the problems that arise for him even after distancing himself from that life. However, this article also brings light to an important issue surrounding the misconception that homeless individuals are criminals when Dave returns the wallet of another individual who drops it further showing that those living on the streets are not horrible people but rather people who have seen great misfortune in their life.

Tony Morris and Johnathan Foster – Streeties #2: Trying to hold it together

Tony Morris – Streeties #2: Trying to hold it together. Digital Image. The Wireless. Radio New Zealand. Web. 1 June, 2017.

In the second article from the Streeties series, the issue of humiliation and public perception is discussed through the story of Sarah, a homeless woman who is often taken advantage of because of her feeble situation. Throughout her life living on the streets, she continues to put her best foot forward and seem as if she has her life together in order for those around her to believe in her integrity. Her positive outlook on life allows others to not pity her as much and treat her as a normal individual, as she likes. Her story highlights the issues surrounding the mistreatment of individuals in rough living circumstances and the perception the public has on them.

Tony Morris and Johnathan Foster – Streeties #3: Breaking away from life on the streets

Tony Morris – Streeties #3: Breaking away from life on the streets. Digital Image. The Wirelss. Radio New Zealand. Web. 1 June, 2017.

In the last article form the Streeties series, the article analyzes the connects an individual will continue to have even after finding a home. The story of Pita discusses the places her once felt welcome at as a homeless individual and the friendships he was once able to make and pursue. It also discusses how easily it is for a homeless individual to be arrested even when doing good deeds that may seem suspicious. Overall, the article discusses the difficult transition an individual may have after finding a home and how detrimental it will continue to be for their entire life.


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