I’m the Villain

Along the dark alleys,
hidden in shadows,
criminals reap what they think they’re owed.

But truly, amongst them,
are those who bring shame
Not friends of justice, but foes.

They’re all just the same,
people ready to blame
the failing system trying to succeed.

Risking everything they know
about goodness and grace.
Denying citizens of what they need.

They take matters into
their own dirty hands
because immortality is all they know

No wonder their fine
taking the lives of others
since they cannot feel hurt from the blow.

Still causing hurt,
thinking they are worth
eliminating human rights no matter the crime.

But I’m not okay
with these hero vigilantes
convincing everyone they’re sublime.

Why do we continue to allow this?
Where are our heads
when we ignore justice?

Who decided that superheroes are right?
and who gives them the power to take away mine?

And besides all this violence and of murdering innocence,
their actions are all for naught.
They are a fighting a war that has already been fought.
So incorruptible truths
are never forgot.

Superhero: a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.

Benevolent: well meaning and kindly or for charitable reasons

If this is the meaning of a superhero, you may wonder why I have judged them so critically. It may be because our idea of a superhero has changed, no longer do we see superheroes tie up bad guys when they catch them doing wrong, we see superheroes fighting, hurting and even killing individuals. No longer are superheroes benevolent. In a world where we have grown to provide even criminals with basic human rights, the perception of superheroes now has changed. The people that children now aspire to be like don’t even have the moral capacity to spare the lives of someone, even the most blood thirsty of people. This may be my inner pacifist speaking who also rejects the death penalty however, my opinion also stems from experience and from my trust of the law.

Superheroes don’t need to be fictional. Superheroes can be regular people who legally attempt to make the lives of the most vulnerable easier everyday. Superheroes are individuals who continue to struggle and find a way to legally support those worse off than them due to the love and compassion they contain. 


Ever since I was child I wanted to help people however even as I first hand experienced corruption within our legal system, the faith I have in law making and policies is strong. I realized at a young age that you don’t need to break the rules or be a vigilante to save others. When I was younger, I would study the rules of the road, and with my crime stoppers number in one hand and my pen and paper in the other, I set out to rid the streets of unsafe drivers. As I grew, my love for the law only increased; I aspired to become a lawyer and ultimately a judge but I don’t need to break the law to protect the vulnerable. As cheesy as it sounds, I can be a true superhero.

We see in movies and comics how the government either controls the superheroes, or fears them. Many heroes are forced to hide their identity due to the trauma they cause when attempting to save the world. However, they are not always successful, leaving me and many others to question if their actions were even necessary. Did they need to kill 250 enemy individuals to ultimately lose the war anyway? While this does sound pessimistic, the morals supporting vigilante actions can be different for everyone; the 250 individuals they killed, my have supported their own actions by their own morals as well. How can we call them superheroes if they leave so much damage in their wake?

One day I hope I can become a superhero however if the word is still associated with criminal vigilantes, I would rather be called a villain. If a villain is the opposite of a superhero than that is what I want to be. If a superhero kills in the name of justice, I want to save. If a superhero breaks the law in the name of justice, I want to enforce it. If a superhero disregards the rights of others in the name of justice, I want to provide rights to others. If these are the horrible actions we see superheroes take, I would rather consider myself to be a villain.

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