This Too Shall Not Pass

In a world consumed by meaningless entertainment, guided by reality television and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” how can we expect to nourish our minds and the minds of our future generations. For many, the idea of political, critical or even thought provoking music is not a tune they can recognize as those songs may not be as catchy as the minimal effort one, “Gucci Gang.” However, for the few of us who attempt to enrich our minds, we need to broaden our knowledge base of Indie artists in order to support them as well. A recent group of musical artists that I have come to love are OK GO, a band that challenges their creativity every video and supports charities through their profits and advertising. This style of artwork is common amongst Indie artists as they appreciate the true artistry behind what they do, and while popular artists may too work hard for their critical acclaim, much of their work I find to be basic. What ways can we then support these creative artists around us? Firstly, we can use our technology to support them on social media and  watch free versions of their music. We can attempt to understand the issues they speak about and embrace our individual creativity; we can take what we learn from them and apply it in our own lives. Lastly, we can physically support them by going to their concerts, often at a lower ticket price than Katy Perry or Rihanna but still worth every cent.  By supporting these artists in addition to the artists in mainstream media, we will be able to nurture the young minds of the future and build on our own knowledge base. A personal favourite by OK GO is a song called, “This Too Shall Pass,” however, in terms of the creative genius put forth by many Indie Artists, I hope this phenomenon shall not pass, at least not for the time being.

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