Toronto in a Snapshot

A Day in Toronto

Early Morning,
Start your day.
Brush your teeth,
Be on your way.

Bus is running,
Don’t be late
Better hurry,
Don’t make them wait!

Butts on seats,
Names are called.
Wheels are rolling,
“Hope we got ’em all.”

Windows open,
Hair is blowing.
Passing fields,
That need mowing.

Arriving early,
Such a surprise.
Coffee time,
Gotta open my eyes!

Time for the show,
Find your spot.
Hope the last 15
Movies aren’t forgot.

The movie is boring,
It goes on forever.
No plot development,
The jokes aren’t even clever

Seems like ages,
Seems like hours,
Lights come on,
Everyone cowers.

Stretch your legs.
Single File,
Don’t get lost
Coming down the aisles.

Snook the glasses.
Thought they were mine.
Looking so cool,
Hope I don’t get a fine.

Meeting friends,
Trying new things,
Eating new foods,
Seeing what tomorrow brings.

Had some crepes,
Tried some pop,
Bought some crack,
From a milk bar shop.

On the way,
Got real lost.
Asked for directions
From someone posh.

Found a hotel
With fish under feet.
Out of place
Where business men meet.

On the way back
Feeling so sweet.
Clockwork Orange references
With my milk bar treat.

Onto the bus,
One at a time.
Hurried to the back,
Skipped the line.

It was someone’s spot;
They think they’re cool.
This isn’t reserved!
This isn’t preschool!

Cruising around
For what seems like a lifetime.
Seeing the sights,
Artwork is sublime.

Someone gets sick
Right during rush hour.
Bus now smells poor
And air now smells sour.

No matter the issue,
It all got resolved.
Until once again
Sickness was involved.

Poor other fellow,
Poor other peers.
Far too close!
Far too near!

For three straight hours
Chilling along.
With my close friends,
Singing some songs.

Such a great trip
Almost nothing went wrong.
Hope these memories
Are a lifetime long.

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