The Beating of the Drum

You used to hurt me and make it seem an accident.

You used to hurt me and blame me for my pain.

But I have since noticed your abuse…

And now you hurt me on purpose and you know that I know you do.

You used to say you love me, but I don’t think you ever meant it.

You used to say you love me, but I knew you didn’t.

And I then stopped saying it too…

And now you don’t either.


“You reach in and grab a hold
of my beat, beat, beating heart
and squeeze out the last drop
and then I fall apart.

It’s a stranger who makes me crumble,
someone I think I once knew.
They wear your face, they wear your clothes
except I know it’s not you.

They use time against me;
bring memories I’d hoped to forget
and take ones I wish to remember,
like the day we first met.

Perfect, happy, jolly,
I thought would always be the case,
Now you’re dreary, grumpy and lonely
with frowns plastered on your face.

But just because you’re upset
doesn’t mean you can hurt me too.
There are things called starting over,
just yell cut and start take two.”

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