Double Homicide

The roar of the engine,
this mighty beast rumbles
as the gears shift and the motor mumbles.

Rolling away from a wonderful evening,
full of life, full of meaning.

Senses are heightened, hearing astound,
as the tires crunch and bump on the ground.

Alarms go off, brake lights shine
as I suddenly stop and freeze time.

I remember that sound.
What have I hit?
As my hands shake
and my breath has a fit.

I glance in the mirror
and sigh of great relief.
The world is still safe from
the anxiety beast.

As the motor keeps going
off down the road.
Lights remind me of moments ago.

Sirens are flashing,
an ambulance passes
as I remember the trauma
that worried the masses.

I pull to the side,
do a u-turn
and return to the site of the alleged murder

My brain tells me I should have been careful
when driving such a powerful vehicle.

I’ve taken a life,
someone’s death was my fault
and now I speed towards
my assault

I drive to the lot
where both our lives were lost
and see nothing

sometimes I think the devil plays tricks on my mind
making me think that my thoughts are not mine.
I’m not truly a danger to the general group
but my anxiety places my brain on a loup

Am I insane,
how can I function
when my body and mind are not on the same rotation
how can I lead a normal life
when I’m not in control of all that is mine.

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