Of All The Things To Live For

I live for beauty but I also live for pain. Pain is what helps us realize how wonderful life can be and without pain we would never understand the most important things in life. We cannot give credit to the beauty in the world without giving credit to the pain as it is a crucial part of our understanding. Life always feels better when something beautiful happens directly after something horrible. Continue reading Of All The Things To Live For

Street Life

As a fairly wealthy, Caucasian woman, living in Canada, I have never been in a situation where I have had no where to go. For these individuals however, ones who have had to live with serious misfortunes for an extended period of time, are affected by the housing crisis. These individuals hope to share their stories in order to diminish the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the lives of individuals living on the streets. Continue reading Street Life

Written: Lost in Translation

Our words mean something important, whether we choose to believe it or not. What we write and what we share with the world impacts others; it has the capability to touch the lives of others and change the way they see the world. So let’s write, about our beauty, our weaknesses, our emotions and anything we wish because it is all important. All we have to do is write. Continue reading Written: Lost in Translation

The Beginning: Lost in Translation

Have you ever thought of a feeling or experience but realized that there is no actual word to explain exactly what you mean? Around the world, individuals have created words in order to properly explain the way they feel when experiencing certain situations thus creating a universal, untranslatable language. A calming and beautiful book called “Lost In Translation,” provides words for feelings an individual may experience in their lifetime. Continue reading The Beginning: Lost in Translation