Fingers & Toes

Count the digits slowly as they crawl on your skin.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Digits touching something that is not theirs, but has permission to.

10 digits
2 hands
2 wrists
2 arms
1 torso
2 legs
2 knees
2 ankles
2 feet
10 digits
1 pair of lips
1 pair of eyes
1 face
1 person

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Thank You

Thank you for the hugs you give me.
Thank you for your care.
Thank you for the way you run your fingers through my hair.

Thank you for always taking your time to listen to my day,
even if it was just dismal and gray.

Thank you for always trying to understand me,
even though I know I’m not clear.
The fact that you always care make me want to keep you near.

Thank you for the loving way you look me in my eyes.
Knowing you are always here for me
makes me know you are the right guy.

Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful every single day.

Thank you for supporting me in every single way.

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Is it Weird?

Is it weird, that at night, the sky is a soft rainfall,
that I soak in its tears, lying on the driveway?

Is it weird that the grass is a soft blanket,
that I roll around in its feathers and wrap myself in the duvet?

Is it weird that the wind is a cooling breath,
that blows through my hair on a long evening walk?

Is it weird that the long grass is like a corn maze,
that I walk through it, running my hands through the stalks?

Is it weird that the things that people take for granted,
are the ones that I love most?

Is it weird that I’d rather be in the humble outdoors
than the indoors that seem to boast?

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