An Analysis and Recreation of New Age Art

Only since the 1980s has the idea of graffiti coincided with true and stylistic art forms. While still illegal on public property, street art has truly evolved to become one of the most recognized mediums of art around the world. However, graffiti, in my opinion, really began to mean something important in the 1990s when a new wave of street artists emerged, searching for social change and attention. This new age of art caught the attention of individuals across the globe as the topics and pictures displayed soon began to tell a story often surrounding mainstream media and satirical criticisms of the world today. While there were many great artists who have revolutionized street art, there is one in particular who has demonstrated this new age and these new styles almost expertly. This individual goes by the pseudonym, Banksy, in order to stay anonymous and evade authorities. Originally from the United Kingdom, Banksy’s artwork tells tales of criticism towards the media, both xenophobia and ethnocentrism and other ethical issues across the globe. These three themes are actively present in his artwork, mainly displayed on his website, When exploring his opinionated observations surrounding media, one may conclude that his portrayal attempts to assign responsibility to damaging media platforms; his motto seems to be about exposing the wrongdoing by shaming the wrongdoers. Continue reading An Analysis and Recreation of New Age Art

Nosedive: This Generation’s Plunge into Social Media

For many individuals before me, it may be hard to imagine how distracted our generation may be. We have become so obsessed with the things we post online or present to our peers; we live, “[d]istracted from distraction by distraction,” states famous poet T. S. Eliot. But the confusion often lies with those who do not understand our lifestyle; even 20 years ago, social media and the internet was even less readily available for teens Continue reading Nosedive: This Generation’s Plunge into Social Media